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Friday, October 24, 2014

Sugarplum Style Vol. 5

Halleluiah, it's Friday! I'm so thrilled you guys liked my How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On yesterday...and I loved reading about all your upcoming trips! How about in exchange for my tips, you take me with you!? That seems like a fair deal to me!

Remember my 'Simple Formula for Transitioning to Fall' post? It's in full swing with this round of Sugarplum Style...lots of lightweight jackets and cozy scarves. Fall creeps in slowly here, with chilly mornings and warm afternoons, so I can still get away with bare legs or arms occasionally.

I love to pair shorts or a skirt with long sleeves, or jeans with a tank and scarf. That's what I love most about Fall's a hybrid of Summer and Winter. But just because the weather is cooler, my combinations aren't any less colorful! Plaid is everywhere this season, and I'm on the bandwagon...starting with this adorable shirt with gingham cuffs

Since pairing this skirt with a striped top in our Back to School Style post, it's been in my weekly rotation. Such a simple outfit, paired with a basic white tee, but the dots and floral amp it up a notch.

Floral Scarf (similar) | Polka Dot Skirt | White Tee | Bag (similar) | Sandals (similar)

I love most every plaid, but am especially drawn to those with pink, for a more feminine feel.

Yep, still wearing my white jeans after Labor Day! See five more ways here.

Tassel Necklace (similar) | Ring | Pearl Cluster Bracelet

Oh look, polka dot skirt again. This time with a sweet bird sweater. I think about The Notebook every time I wear it, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." #swoon

This shirt is actually sleeveless, but it has a nice swing shape to it, so it's more season-appropriate than a traditional fitted tank top.

Leopard Scarf (similar) | Striped Tee | Distressed Jeans | Boots

This was one of my favorite Date Night looks from last month. The ruffle neck helps distract from my dirty, ponytail hair.

Ruffle Blouse (similar) | Stripe Shorts (similar) | Wedge Sandals | Leopard Clutch (similar)

This military vest saw a lot of action, too (see full shots in our Casual Date Night Style post)'s perfect for those days when you don't quite need a jacket, and the extra layer is cute.

Stripes + anything is forever my favorite.

I retired my beloved black and white bag for the season, and am mildly obsessed with Barrington's new reptile pattern. Go ahead and get excited, I may or may not be giving another one away soon. #Iam #somuchforthesurprise

Another day, another vest, another plaid. I love a good puffer vest, but this one is great because it doesn't add bulk. Who needs more bulk?!

Watch | Spike Bracelet (use code SUGARPLUM25 for 25% off you order!)

Animal Print Skirt (similar) | Khaki Shirt | Tassel Necklace | Sandals (similar)

Are you seeing a pattern here? Plaid + Vest + Boots = my uniform.

Plaid Infinity Scarf (similar) | Gray Tee | Distressed Jeans

A few things worth mentioning...both of my watches are currently 25% off! I toggle between this tortoise one for a casual look, and this gold one to kick it up a notch. And these boots are still on sale for $50, not to mention, all sizes are re-stocked! What's your Fall uniform been lately? Happy weekend, love bugs!

UPDATE! My actual cognac bag with the zippers, shown in most of these pics, is now back in stock! Check out here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

I've touched on the subject of packing in previous travel posts, but with the holidays around the corner, I thought it would be helpful to expand on exactly how I pack enough stylish outfits for 10 a single carry-on bag!

You guys know we're budget travelers (tips on that here), which means no one is hauling our bags for us, therefore we travel light! Granted, traveling for the holidays likely isn't the same as two weeks in Europe, but the simpler the better in our book!

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry On

First, you must start with a good bag...I love the 21-inch from the Atlantic Compass Unite Collection because of all the zippered compartments, built-in wet pocket, sturdy base, and easy to maneuver wheels. There are also extra clips for attaching other bags, and comfortable, padded handles. When hopping off and on trains and escalators, you want a bag that is light and transports easily.

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

So first we'll start with what to pack. I believe it takes as much effort to dress like a schlep, as it does to throw on something cute. (Don't misunderstand, of course I own and wear clothing that should never see the light of day. I just don't bring them on trips where a camera is always out!) Shift dresses, skirts with tshirts, well-fitting jeans and cardigans are just as comfortable as sweatpants. And by adding gel insoles and/or good quality wool socks, my wedge boots, flats, and tennies are actually more comfortable than athletic shoes.

{What to Pack}

Choose neutral pieces, and keep them within the same color palette so everything mixes and matches, as well as layers. Weather can be unpredictable, so layering is key. We aren't packing 10 separate and complete outfits (or 20, if you count nights), we're packing for enough combinations for 10 days and nights.

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

Tip: Avoid packing duplicate pieces, so you can get as many looks out of the few things you bring. 

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

Tip: Accessories are an easy way to look pulled together, and don't take much room in a suitcase. Pack an assortment of scarves and statement jewelry pieces to add a pop of color, and make any outfit more chic.

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On
{Filler Pieces}

Consider both a lightweight jacket and vest, instead of a single bulky coat...they are easier to travel with, and can be worn alone, or layered for more warmth when needed. Of course if you're traveling to Alaska, you'll need a heavy coat, but wear it on the plane instead of packing it.

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

Tip: Stack your bras on top of each other, then fold together with undies tucked in the cups. This will help them keep their shape, and utilize the extra space. Also, no need to pack 10 pair, just bring a small bottle of liquid detergent to wash these items in the sink.

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

Tip: Pack a tank, short-sleeve tee, and long-sleeve tee...these will serve as layering pieces if the weather is warmer or cooler than you expected.

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

Tip: Use plastic shower caps from the Dollar Store (or your hotel!) to wrap the soles of your shoes. This will keep them from getting your clothes dirty when packed.

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

I use waterproof bags for toiletries in case of leaks, and store my curling iron in a felt sleeve so I can pack it while still warm. No one wants to miss their flight because they were waiting for their curling iron to cool off!

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On
Waterproof bags for hair products, make-up and jewelry
Curling Iron & Hair Dryer (don't forget adaptors if traveling international)

Tip: Use pill containers from the Dollar Store to pack rings and small earrings, or even to fill with face cream. No sense in bringing the whole bottle if you're only gone a short bit.

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

{How to Pack}

Okay, now that we've got all our clothes sorted out, it's time to fit them nicely in our carry-on sized bag. Start by tucking your hairdryer in the corner, then tightly roll all the pants and jackets. Place shoes in any gaps. Yep, rolling really does take up less space than it keeps things from wrinkling as badly!

Tip: Place dryer sheets throughout your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

Roll tops, dress and skirt, and make a second layer, filling in gaps with toiletry bags and curling iron.

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

Roll scarves and place in the shaft of one boot (every bit of space is utilized!), and place undergarments in the other boot. Lay them on top, and buckle in place. Put the larger toiletry bags and purse in top zippered compartment.

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

Since I don't check the bag, I put items I might want to access during travel, like chargers and books, in the outside pockets. Voila! Ready to go!

Hi Sugarplum | How to Pack 10 Days in 1 Carry-On

In addition to the roll-bag (each of us has our own), I have a personal carry-on tote (more on that later), and Mr. Sugarplum carries a small backback, that doubles as a day-pack once we arrive. We've employed this system for all our trips, long and short (read about those here), and it makes for relaxed, stress-free travel! What tips do you have for packing and traveling? Are you heading out of town soon? Check out my Sugarplum Style series for ideas on how I'll see most of these pieces pop up frequently.

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